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» New Saw Blade Products with new and old diamond blade technology mixed together producing the best formula for the best bond. Developers of the first diamond saw blade Barranca Diamond has perfected the formula for the bonds on grinding cup wheels, saw blades, core bits, polishing tools, polishing supplies, and more. » Thanks to long lasting business relationships and on going negotiations. The Diamond Blade Depot has the privilege and obligation to deliver you the same name brand products at the lowest "Allowed" Prices on the market... » We are more than welcome for you to shop around because we are more than confident our prices can not be beat. With the best Retail promotions in the business. To the most Bulk Friendly orders available For Diamond saw blades & Diamond blade product providers, including FREE OVER NIGHT SHIPPING and NO TAX for new time customers ... » It is just that simple OUR PRICES CAN NOT and WILL NOT BE BEAT...

Barranca Diamond Products

Barranca Diamond manufacturing saw and polishing equipment for commercial and hobby lapidaries and is the only US manufacturer of notched-rim lapidary diamond blades. They are also a supplier of continuous and segmented rim diamond blades, polishing equipment and polishing supplies for the stone and lapidary industry.

Premium stone and lapidary equipment and premium diamond saw blades leads to a premium cut every time.

Barranca Diamond stone and lapidary products are sold nation wide and are nationally known for quality. Check out Barranca's Stone products available through the Diamond Saw Blade Depot .com today and start saving on all your diamond blades and diamond blade equipment.

A one stop shop for all your diamond products.
Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Core Bits, Diamond Tools, Diamond Grinding Wheels, Diamond Polishing Pads, Diamond Crown bits, Profile Wheels, Profile millers, stone dressing pads, abrasive discs, and so much more.

Barranca Diamond Has a very long and interesting history proving its supremacy and innovation regarding its manufacturing of Diamond blades and lapidary products specializing in the cutting in expensive stone. Barranca Diamond is a Leader in tis industry creating the first "Diamond blade" becoming a legion in its own time . Please feel free to read more about the history of Barranca Diamond.

Development History of the
Notched Rim Lapidary Diamond Blade

Barranca Diamond Products

Richard Felker, a pharmacist develops the first diamond blade. Felker uses rudimentary tools to strike an edge in the rim of a steel core and then adds a mixture of natural diamonds, metal powders, and olive oil to create a wheel that will cut both natural and manmade stone products.

The US Government War Department contracts Richard Felker to use diamond blades to cut optical grade quartz for crystal frequency tuning controls in radio transceivers and other military applications.

German engineers pioneer the development of metal bonded natural diamond blades capable of cutting green concrete for construction of German autobahn highways. Felker develops the first US manufactured sintered metal bond notched rim blades using natural diamonds. Les Kusnick and Emilio Valenti design and manufactured custom notching machinery and a furnace process for Felker. Process patented by Kusnick in 1941.

Felker is sold to Dresser Industries.

General Electric Co. develops the first manmade synthetic diamonds. Musto Industries (MK Diamond) under direction of Mr. Paul Mitchell develops a diamond blade manufacturing facility in Hawthorne, California. Emilio Valenti leaves Felker to work for MK Diamond in the development of MK’s notched and segmented synthetic diamond blade manufacturing.

The Congo notched rim blade - first line of manmade synthetic diamond blades for lapidary use - is introduced into the lapidary market. Star Diamond Industries (Craft Tools), under Mr. Webb Morrow's direction develops a notched blade manufacturing process nearly identical to the MK Diamond and Felker process. Similar process is developed by Vanguard Industries (Federal-Mogul Corp). MK Diamond Products (Musto Industries) and Highland Park Manufacturing merge to continue the development and production of quality notched, segmented and continuous rim blades (Congo, Criterion, Gem King and Artisan Professional Blades).

Felker and Vanguard (Target) terminate notched rim diamond blade manufacturing. This leaves Star Diamond as the single producer of notched rim blades for the lapidary industry.

Barranca Diamond is acquired by MK Diamond Products, a market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Construction products.

Barranca Diamond warrants to the original retail purchaser for a period of (1) year from the date of purchase all products covered by this Warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship, with the exception of the BD-4500 which has a 90-day warranty for non-commercial use.

This Warranty shall not apply to any parts that have been subjected to misuse or improper service, that have been damaged in transit or handling, or that have been altered or repaired by unauthorized representatives. This Warranty does not cover defects caused by or resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect or damage caused by accident or the failure to provide reasonable maintenance. This Warranty is void if the product or any of its individual components is altered or modified by the purchaser or if the product is used in a manner or with a blade not recommended by the manufacturer.

Looking to Resell Barranca Diamond products ? Diamond Blade Depot will teach you how to makret our products and bring personal and friendly assistance to our ever-building customer base, which will be a win win for all.

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