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Omega Diamond Products
Known for the quality of the Blue Ripper Rail Saws and the Red Ripper Routers we bring you superior quality at an affordable price.

» The Blue Ripper Rail Saw and Red Ripper Router JR and SR come with supreme diamond saw blades and the guarantee of quality.
»This company prides itself on quality diamond saw blades and stone cutting equipment. Rail Saw »Matching the quality of their rail saws and routers Omega has heavy duty stone cutting saw blades and accesories.
» Check out the saw blades and diamond blade product promotions to receive the best blades at the best prices. Blue Ripper Rail Saws » Concave cutting saw blades surpass the market standards due to the rigorous testing of Omega Diamond Inc.
» These Concave blades can contour the strongest aggregate with the ease of a hot knife through butter. Red Ripper Router » "Buy a small box of 10 of these saw blades and receive 15% off your order.
» Every customer that takes advantage of this product promotion also receives FREE SHIPPING. stone cutting saw blades » Grinding Cup wheels have tested above any other cup wheels on the market for durability and speed.
» Put these grinding cup wheels to the test today and see first hand the power of MK.

Blue Ripper Rail Saw
" Fastest portable Rail Saw on the Market Today!"
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Blue Ripper Rail Saws

Blue Ripper Rail Saws and Saw Blades.

The Blue Ripper Rail saws can cut through 2cm of "Absolute Black" up to the incredible speed of 10 ft. per MINUTE! Simple and strong, the saw blade cuts next to the rail so setting up is fast and easy. No gages, shims or offset measurements are needed. The saw itself weighs only 79 lbs. which makes it easy for a one person to lift and move. The reduced weight also minimizes risk of cracking narrow or thin pieces of material.

Red Ripper Jr.

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Red Ripper Router JR

Built for profiling sinks and edges. Perfect for pre-fab natural and engineered stone. Patent Pending. Call in today to hear about Monthly Ripper Specials.

  • 110v 12Amp Makita Motor
  • 2,800-10,500 Motor RPM
  • 2,400-8,800 Spindle RPM
  • Fits Standard 7/8 Bore Bits
  • One Hand Water Disconnect
  • Easy-Adjust Locking Height Adjustment
  • Only 18 Pounds in Weight!


Saw Blades and Fabrication equipment

About Omega Diamond Products

We started this tool company in 1989 mostly as a R&D lab developing better diamond tools.
Omega Incorporated in 1999 and has since grown to be an internationally recognized manufacturer of quality diamond tooling and power tools.

With personal experience manufacturing diamond tools since 1985, we are able to get the job done fast and easy. Our in-house Machine Shop, Manufacturing Facility and excellent hard working employees, allows us to go from R&D through testing to production faster than most other facilities.

Originally founded to produce diamond tooling for the ultra precise silicon wafer industry, we have since expanded into the fast-growing stone industry. Since then we have produced amazing hand tools like our famous Blue Ripper Rail Saw Series and our strong Red Ripper Router.

It is our wish, and the wish of all our employees, that we can provide valuable and time saving information along with good quality tools and machines. Our continuing endeavor is to provide innovative tools and machines for you.


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Omega Diamond Products
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