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How Diamond Saw Blades work

Diamond saw blades come in a variety of sizes, types and uses. These blades work by cutting with diamond crystals held together in a metal bond or matrix. As the blade cuts, the diamond crystals on the exposed edge will slowly wear down. At the same time, the abrasive action of the material being cut erodes the bond exposing new diamonds.

Diamond blades are designed to be used for either WET or DRY cutting. Wet cutting blades use water to cool the blades and flush away the cuttings. Dry cutting blades rely on airflow to cool the blade and remove the cuttings. Dry cutting blades can be used with water to control dust but wet cutting blades cannot be used dry.

Each diamond blade is designed for use on a specific range of materials. If the material being cut is soft or abrasive, the bond on the blade is hard so the bond does not prematurely release the diamonds. If the material being cut, is hard or less abrasive, the bond on the blade is softer so the diamonds release before they become too worn to cut.

There are several factors, which can lead to diamond blades wearing out prematurely. These include improper blade specification, improper blade rpm, inadequate water flow, or improper use of dry cutting blades. In addition, a diamond saw blade will stop cutting if the exposed diamonds wear down quicker than the matrix can expose new diamonds. This can happen if there is improper blade specification, failure to allow the proper break-in, insufficient power, or overheating the rim.

The metal bonds used in diamond saw blades are designed for use on a specific range of materials. Softer bonds that wear faster are used on materials that are harder or less abrasive such as cured concrete and brick. Harder bonds that wear slower are used on materials that are softer or more abrasive such as asphalt and cement block. To get maximum life from a diamond saw blade, it is important to select the proper blade specification for the application

Example using a cured concrete diamond blade in abrasive, materials such as green concrete or asphalt will cause the blade to wear out prematurely or using a high speed saw blade on a walk behind saw will also lead to a short life.

Diamond saw blades are designed to run at a prescribed RPM. A blade that has been overheated or suffers a shock such as being dropped can lose its tension. This causes the blade to wobble or flutter when being used

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