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Basics of Diamond Blades
A diamond blade is a circular steel disc with a diamond bearing edge. The edge of the blade may be a smooth or textured continuous rim or a segmented rim with smaller, individual diamond sections.

The blade core is a precision-made steel disc, which may have a continuous rim or a slotted rim. The slots (also called “gullets”) provide faster cooling by allowing water or air to flow between the segments. The slots also allow the blade to flex under cutting pressure.

Most blade cores are tensioned at the factory, so the blade will run straight at cutting speeds. Proper tension also allows the blade to remain flexible enough to bend slightly under cutting pressure and “snap” back into position.

Diamond segments or rims are made up of a mixture of diamonds and metal powders. Diamond used in blades is almost exclusively manufactured diamond in various grit sizes and quality grades. In the manufacturing process, the meal powder and diamond grit mixture is pressed and sintered to form a solid metal alloy (called metal bond or matrix) in which the diamond grit is suspended.

The segment or rim is slightly wider than the blade core. This side clearance allows the cutting edge to penetrate through the material without the blade core coming into contact with the material being cut.

To attach the diamond rim or segments securely to the steel core, several different processes are used.
  • Brazing: silver solder is placed between the segment or rim and core. At high temperatures, the solder melts and bonds the two parts together.
  • Laser welding: The diamond segment and steel blade core are welded (fused) together by a laser beam
  • Mechanical Bond: A notched, serrated, or textured blade core may be used to “lock” the diamond rim or segments onto the edge of the blade. Mechanical bonds usually also include grazing or other metallurgical bonding processes to hold the rim or segments in place.

The chart above is based on 10,000 SFPM (Surface feet per minute), which is the general optimum performance range for diamond blades, plus or minus 10%.

Blade shaft speeds (R.P.M.'s at no load) for most tools will be higher then the recommended operating speeds shown above. Under normal sawing conditions, the actual diamond blade shaft speed of the tool will slow down under load and should fall within the optimum speed range.

Maximum safe speed in revolutions per minute (RPM) is the maximum speed at which each blade can be used. Before using any blade, make sure the blade shaft (arbor) speed of the tool is within the optimum speed range.

Blade Cutting Depths

The following numbers represent the maximum cutting depth for each diameter blade shown. The collar size on your saw determines how deep the blade will cut. Blade collars must be one-sixth the diameter of the blade to meet ANSIB7.1 code.

Note: Diamond cutting depths listed above are approximate. Actual cutting depth will vary with the exact blade diameter or saw type (or brand) or the exact diameter of the blade flanges. Cutting will also be reduced if saw components (motor housing, blade guard, etc.)
extend below the blade flanges.
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