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Do's and Don'ts
Wet cutting do's
  • Do follow manufacturer's recommended blade specifications for material to be cut
  • Do inspect the diamond blade for damage that may have occurred during shipment or damage due to previous use.
  • Do check mountings flanges for equal diameter, excess wear and flatness. Mounting flanges have adequate relief around arbor hole.
  • Do be sure that the diamond saw blade is securely hand-tightened with w wrench.
  • Do check the saw for proper operating conditions:
  • All fluids are at proper levels.
  • Blade shaft bearings should be free of end of radial play.
  • V-belts should be properly tensioned and pulleys checked for excessive wear.
  • Lead-off adjustments is set correctly, to allow the blade to travel straight.
  • Do operate with blade guard in place and properly secured.
  • Do be sure there is a continuous water flow to each side of the blade. Gravity feed does not supply sufficient water flow. The water pumps on concrete saws are “boosters” pumps only and are not adequate as a primary pressure source. An adequate water supply is required for wet cutting blades to maintain blade life and cutting efficiency.
  • Do operate saw with proper safety attire, i.e., safety glasses, safety helmet, safety shoes, hearing protection.
  • Do examine blade periodically for cracks in the steel center or segments and for excessive wear under the segments.
Wet Cutting Dont's
  • Don't use a diamond saw blade without checking manufacturer's recommendations for the material to be cut. Improper selection can cause excessive blade wear and possible damage to the diamond saw blade and/or machine and create and unsafe operating condition.
  • Don't use a diamond saw blade, or remount a used blade, which has a core that is not flat or is cracked . This indicate segment damage or loss or a damaged arbor hole.
  • Don't use mounting flanges that are not clean and flat.
  • Don't mount blade on machine that does not meet the minimum requirements set forth in the manufacturer's machine operating manual.
  • Misalignment of the blade results in loss of blade side clearance and proper blade tension.
  • Loose or worn blade shaft bearings cause short diamond blade life and may cause segment loss.
  • Use of worn pulleys or improper feed belt tension causes loss of proper of operating speed and reduced blade efficiency.
  • Restrict coolant flow causes excessive heat, poor blade performance, and possible segment loss.
  • Don't cut dry with blades recommended for wet cutting.
  • Don't use blotters with diamond saw blades.
  • Don't operate machine with a damaged or open blade guard.
  • Don't exceed maximum safe operating speed.
  • Don't operate machine without blade guard in place and properly secured.
  • Don't operate machine before reading operating instructions provided by machine manufacturer.
  • Don't operate machine with the blade diameter larger than the machine's capacity.
  • Don't allow bystanders in the work area.
  • Don't stand in direct line with diamond or abrasive blades during start up or operation.
  • Don't increase saw travel to a rate that will reduce the blades operating speed.
Dry Cutting Do's
  • Do follow manufacturer's recommendation regarding specifications for material to be cut and suitability for dry cutting applications.
  • Do inspect the diamond saw blade for damage that may have occurred during shipment or damage due to previous use.
  • Do inspect the diamond blade periodically during use for core flatness, fatigue cracks, segment damage, undercutting and arbor hole wear.
  • Do check the mounting flanges to be sure that they are of equal and correct diameter, that they do not show excessive wear and that they are flat.
  • Do be sure that the diamond blade is mounted on a correct diameter blade shaft between proper blade flanges and is securely hand tightened with the wrench provided or an adjustable wrench no longer than 8”.
  • Do check for proper saw machine condition. Spindle bearing should be free of end and radial play. Consult the operating manual from the saw manufacturer for proper machine maintenance conditions.
  • Do follow the manufacturer's recommendation for operating speeds for specific blade diameters.
  • Do maintain a firm grip on hand held saws during cutting operation.
  • Do wear proper safety equipment. Always wear safety glasses, safety footwear, snug fitting clothing, hearing and head protection and respiratory equipment where required.
Dry Cutting Dont's
  • Don't cut dry except with a blade specifically designated for dry cutting by the manufacturer.
  • Don't force blade onto machine blade shaft, alter the size of the mounting whole or tighten mounting nut excessively. Use of bushing to reduce the arbor hole size is not recommended for diamond blades used on high-speed saws.
  • Don't exceed the maximum operating speed established for the diamond blade.
  • Don't operate a saw without proper safety guards in place. NEVER OPERATE ANY SAW, WET OR DRY, WITHOUT A BLADE GUARD!
  • Don't stand in direct line with diamond or abrasive blades during start up or operation.
  • Don't cut or grind with the sides of a diamond blade.
  • Don't force the blade into the material; allow the blade to cut at its own speed. Forcing the blade may cause overheating and blade damage.
  • Don't make long continuous cuts with dry diamond blades. Allow the blade to cool by turning in air every few minutes. The harder the material being cut, the more often the blade should be allowed to cool.
  • Don't use the blade to cut material other than the recommended by the manufacturer for that specific blade type.
  • Don't use the blade on a type of saw other than that specified by the manufacturer.
  • Don't allow the blade to defect in cut.
  • Don't attempt to cut a curve or a radius.
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GP TURBO - 15mm Seg general purpose diamond blades

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